BPDieselBPBlockPlate & Install Kit

BPBlockPlate & Install Kit


  • Helps to control liner fretting through movement of the block and avoid blown head gasket and dropped liner problems.
  • Compatible with all ISX models. Ideal for trucks with low horsepower, high torque and tuned engines.
  • Supports all 6 cylinders with ½” Grade 50 billet steel, all the way around the pan rail.
  • No need to drop the engine, just the oil pan.
  • A new, standard oil pan gasket will be required upon installation, as we do not provide it.
  • Kit Includes: 1 Permatex Anaerobic Gasket Maker, 1 Permatex Gasket Maker, 28 Grade 10.9 oil pan bolts, 1 Pack of (10) ARP Fasteners, 10 Grade 12.9 stud bolts, 10 Hardened washers, 4 Red stud bolts.  Additional stud bolts can be provided, if needed.